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New Mexico State University (NMSU), Las Cruces, NM


August 2019- Present    Masters of Business Administration with Finance Concentration

                                          Expected Graduation Date: August 2021

                                          Current GPA 4.0                          


August 2019                     Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance

                                         Cumulative GPA 4.0


August 2019                   Bachelors of Business Administration in International Business

                                         Cumulative GPA 4.0     


Doña Ana Community College (DACC) - New Mexico State University (NMSU), Las Cruces, NM


May 2018

Associate Degree- Pre-Business

Cumulative GPA  4.0


Fall 2016- Present        Crimson Scholar, Dean’s List, Meritorious Graduate


Summer 2019                 NMSU College of Business, Crimson Scholar Graduate with Highest Honors




May 2021- Graduate Assistant, Arrowhead Innovation Fund

August 2021

▪ Assist Managing Director to evaluate business plans and develop financial projections.

▪ Analyze, evaluate, and make recommendations on financial models of start-up ventures.

▪ Prepare excel models to improve traditional systems.

▪ Assist in collection and analysis of sensitive data.


May 2020- Intern, Sandbox Venture, El Paso, TX

May 2021

▪  Assist Managing Director to evaluate business plans and develop financial projections.

▪  Analyze, evaluate, and make recommendations on financial models of start-up ventures.

▪ Participate in vetting investment opportunities alongside the Managing Director.


August 2019- Graduate Assistant, Finance Department, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

May 2021

▪ Assist college professors in academic research.

▪ Substitute for college professors.

▪ Tutor Finance undergraduate students.

▪ Create and grade assignments, quizzes, and tests.


June 2019- Intern at Diners Club International, Quito, Ecuador

July 2019

▪ Conducted analysis and management of credit risks.

▪ Performed mitigation of credit risks.


Aug 2018 – Student-Employee CI-TraM program, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

May 2019

Mentored high school seniors.

▪ Provided career advice.

▪  Taught financial literacy sessions.

▪  Prepared team-building activities.

▪ Evaluated student performance.


Aug 2016- May 2017 Student Employee, DACC Student Activities, Las Cruces, NM

▪ Prepared agendas and presentations for meetings.

▪ Planned and organized events at multiple DACC campuses.

▪ Conducted SGA Senator and General Meetings.

▪ Created flyers to promote events.

▪ Updated database and prepared monthly reports.

▪ Produced and edited promotional videos.


Spring 2019  Translator, Gospel Rescue Mission, Las Cruces, NM

▪  Facilitated communication between Central American immigrants and staff/public officials during massive immigration to the US.


Spring 2018  Host, Domestic Violence Awareness Assembly, Las Cruces, NM

▪  Organized and coordinated public awareness event.   

▪  Booked keynote speaker Christy Sims, sulfuric acid attack survivor.

▪  Greeted and engaged over 300 community members.


Spring 2017-  Volunteer, Casa de Peregrinos, Las Cruces, NM

August 2018 

▪  Distributed food packages to community members and students.

▪  Assisted with promotional items, registration, and intake.


Fall, 2011-   Social Worker, Colegio Antares, Quito, Ecuador

Spring, 2013   

▪  Provided and distributed food packages to low-income communities.

▪  Reforested damaged fire zones.



September 2019 Representative of New Mexico State University at the CFA Research Challenge Competition

February 2020                      

▪  Represented NMSU in the Regional CFA Research Challenge Competition.

▪  Prepared a stock report including a detailed analysis of the company, the industry, economic outlook, and valuation of Carvana Company.

▪  Created a Monte Carlo simulation within the DCF analysis.

▪  Prepared and delivered a stock pitch to the CFA judges.


June 2017Student Government Association President (SGA) at DACC

May 2018  

▪  Managed the SGA budget ($200,000).

▪  Ended fiscal year with 1% surplus.

▪  Lobbied and received a $25,000 budget increase.

▪  Represented and advocated for the Student Body of DACC.

▪  Oversaw all DACC student organizations.

 ▪  Assisted, planned, and approved funding for events, trips, and activities.

▪  Encouraged and participated in community service projects.

▪  Increased overall student retention.

February 2017  Vice-President of the Student Government Association at DACC

May 2017 

▪  Assisted the SGA President and conducted Student Government Senate meetings.





  • Technology – Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, Bloomberg, PowerPoint, Python, and Outlook.
  • Financial Modeling – Knowledge in building forecasts, analyzing data, identifying trends, and creating scenarios.
  • Research Oriented and Analytical – Ability to analyze and problem solve, identify specific trends, and address findings through research and critical thinking.
  • Communication Effective bilingual (Spanish/English) communicator. Proficient public speaking skills with experience presenting findings, reports, and recommendations.
  • Adaptability – Capacity to adjust and excel in rapidly changing environments.
  • Customer Service – Ability to provide outstanding customer service adjusting to client needs.
  • Management – Skilled in project and time management. Sound business judgement and effective strategic thinking skills.
  • Work Initiative – Ability to take the lead in projects, work independently, and contribute as a team player.
Communication 100%
Technology 100%
Customer Service 100%
Management 100%
Teamwork 100%
Research Oriented and Analytical 100%

Language Skills




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