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Carlos Iván Cuesta Albornoz

Carlos Cuesta is a recent graduate of the MBA program at New Mexico State University (August 2021), with a concentration in finance. He received a BA in international business and a BA in finance from New Mexico State University in 2019, receiving the highest honors in the College of Business. While at NMSU, he worked as a graduate assistant for the finance department and participated in the CFA Research Challenge. Before starting his collegiate career, upon first coming to the United States, Carlos spent time studying and farming in a small community in Montana.

In 2021, he started a position in the private equity investment field, working for Audaz Capital. As a native of Ecuador, Carlos has firsthand experience with the socio-economic needs of the same communities which the fund, that he is now a part of, seeks to finance in order to further the upward social mobility within the service regions.

AGE: 26

CITY: Las Cruces

STATE: New Mexico

COUNTRY: United States


E-mail: carlosica9508@gmail.com

PHONE: (575) 520 5943

WHATSAPP: +1 575 520 5943

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